Friday, April 8, 2011

Rapsody Ft. Mac Miller & Halo – Extra Extra

Rapsody Ft. Mac Miller & Halo – Extra Extra Lyrics Download MP3 and Video

hey hey hey hey hey
.. what a
a little ..
a turkey burger and a couple cigarettes.

hey hey
this young man could be a rapsody
tell these mother f*cker that they have to heard the last of me
all over the .. with the attitude ..with the attitude
this is is the beginning and you ain’t even got the chapter 2
i don’t have to battle you i’m better than you
is for you boys ..a new shit .. you could wash boy.. rapsody
return the big girl is easiest f*ck,
all i need is a good .. f*ck me for who i am
but love for what i could be
and is simple when you’re living like i am
‘cause i remember .. for five ..
now i got damn never million boy
why you’re doing shit you could kill that noise
boys got snype .. here i take ..
’cause i’m riding tracks like the .. but who’s by .. ..miss ya

extra extra read all about it
hard beats of boom if i die with this hip hop
yeah i die without this hip hop, this hip hop
extra extra read all about it,
extra extra read all about it.

late night chillin’ not really high of shit
can’t afford it i got work to hit with no benefits
and .. to drive they really don’t go too fast
pushing it to the limit to the day that i crash,
.. night ..working for pay
tryin’ to make some classic that my children can play
but the kids, kids influence and they can reincarnate
me and they … that someday will make..
chillin’ with .. finish rockin the stage
that’s how hard work pays, i choose top ten
eight …got the hands.. so i spend days and nights ..
i wanna to ..niggas ain’t get enough yeah we back in the car
..bluff.. that you know.. hip hop to let you know
.. yeah we’re back in the spot so time for hip hop

extra extra read all about it
hip hop but what i do without it
extra extra read all about it
turn it up and play me in the ..

…follow my drift.. recording the .. for the priceless
..don’t need to reward them, i feel super blaming on the buddha
cats night but they still .. champion..
and beyond ..look that hardest ..
or some power ..look the end if you start this
paper pencil you f*cking .. this most flow dough…
we’re tired then the big really rappers…
they .. and silly factors
wait i get ..these really actors reading the scripts outside the ..
like my harm …
and a .. all i do is play..real vivid forces to deal with and i’m ..

most dope ..all about it
extra extra read it all about it.
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