Friday, March 25, 2011

B.o.B - No Future (Odd Future Diss)

B.o.B - No Future (Odd Future Diss) Lyrics Download MP3 and Video

yeah, yo
mmm, hey, i eat it like dinner
you see this shit i gotta deal with from these beginners?
i ain’t circusin’ around with these clown-ass niggas
you snappin’ at the heels of a world-class sprinter
some may call this bullyin’, some may call this bossin’
check the letter, man, you know i’m all-city varsity
walk up on my field, you will get carried off it
we gon’ need a body bag and we gon’ need a coffin
who am i battlin’? i ain’t even exhausted
you could call me sick, you could even call me nauseous
a sea of great whites, you are a dolphin
if i was you, i would be a little more cautious
i’m way too high for you to look at
the future ain’t lookin’ promisin’ for these rookies
this is target practice, but i don’t even pull the fuckin’ trigger anymore
‘cause it’s just a waste of bullets
come and get these pussies, wipe ‘em off the flo’
i’m guessin’ they was hopin’ for some different results
i’m guessin’ they was guessin’ ’cause they wasn’t really sure
but fuck it, i got somethin’ i have to let niggas know
so i think it’s time for these haters to get off my dick
got my own city, you can call it bobtropolis
eastside representer, reppin’ with authority
and i ain’t talkin’ congressmen, and i ain’t talkin’ politics

lookin’ for freaks, freaks lookin’ for sausages
but we already know that, so that is all they get
check the name tag, you know who the roster is
a-t-l, grand hustle, ham squad in this bitch
like i ain’t never had a mic
fresh to death, i’ll see ya in the afterlife
i eat bars, eat beats for my appetite
you wouldn’t know ’bout that, you never had a bite
what i gotta do to get some solidarity?
apparently, i need to speak wit’ some mo’ clarity
no luck needed, nope, no charity
and i’m a grown man, don’t need pussy to take care of me
b to the o, i said it once before
if i ain’t on your channel, go and look for the remote
already graduated, yeah, you see the cap and robe
but now you couldn’t see me ‘less you had a telescope
i’m bedrock bumpin’, three stripe stumpin’
call me jack ‘o lantern, i get head like pumpkins
it’s nothin’, roll up the stuffin’
put it in the over, get baked like muffins
if you ain’t know, i guess i have to introduce you
to my side of town, somethin’ y’een really used to
body blow, uppercut, i do more than bruise ya
keep fuckin’ with me, you ain’t gon’ have no future
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