Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Young Chris - Blackout

Young Chris - Blackout Lyrics Download MP3 and Video

my name peedi crakk i like ..and many max
.. she’s a hore so plenty back, stayin .. sleep ..
.. the forty five complex i mean that, remember that.

the fact shake you ..low ball shit nigga ..need the best stop
till i blow their chest out that’s how little problems get solved
get you check out ..let’s go, ex .. heading to the ..
check o skino in a ..that what be call ballin’
nevertheless, you was in away so you drown from the ..
.. you’re paranoid
petrol..so professional you think i’m on stare .. nigga is the crack flow
don’t get it twisted, the best that i hit .. pinky ranks,
stupid ..it’s just ..i’m get in it, i got it, i’m pop that shit
and i’m sipping, stop it, but you’re not f*cking with me
.what critics got that you got ...
never thought success make a ..
gotta keep a few things you niggas .. you sing
my boys kickin’ the door but the .. close down frazes
and nobody box and everybody blazin
forty ...
so if you cross this disrespect this ..
but my boys keep them white girls around like hefner

recognize the .. i ain’t seen us
my vision clear like .. on a sixty
all of sublime.., y’all niggas can miss miss
i did it with no ..but young .. despite the nerves and .. face nace can hit me
karma is gonna get you..like the sun when is gona hit you
have a .. everything..cementeries...play this .. mother f*ckers.
f*ck these niggas we crack

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