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UP Fair 2011 ▬ "EDUCATION in desFAIR"

Feb. 15 -  FAIR & SQUARE: Assert equal access to education!

As the University also celebrates the Diliman Arts month in February, this year’s Tuesday night will be celebrated with the UP’s most prestigious artists and performers. We will invite the University’s homegrown artists, cultural performers, as well as guest bands coming from different genre. UP students will not dare miss this event, as it will also be the staging of the first ever “Mr. and Ms. Peyups.”- A pageant like competition which will be participated by a pair representing each 19 colleges in the campus.

The “FAIR and Square” UP Fair night will also highlight the Iskolars’ ng Bayan firm stand to make education accessible to all. As the tuition and other fee increases have become more threatening, the UP students will be at their highest resolve to oppose such schemes, and to strengthen their struggle for an education that is nationalist, scientific, and mass-oriented.

The first night of the UP Fair would be a night of students and Filipinos coming from different generation, celebrating towards one cause.

Feb. 16 -  FAIRst QUARTER STORM: Reaffirming the youth’s historical role in people’s struggles!
 What is so special about this USC night is its appeal and recall not just to the contemporary youth but also to the previous generation. With the retro-inspired concept, this is the first ever night in the UP Fair’s long existence which offers a unique theme. The Wednesday night “FAIRst Quarter Storm: Reaffirm the youth’s historical role in people’s struggles” will bring the hottest bands of the nation who are expected to play one 70’s song in line with the theme to revive the essence of collective action during martial law.

History can never deny the upsurge of the student movement during the darkest days of Marcos regime and Diliman commune. It was during these times that the youth mobilized and united with the Filipino people to assert the re-installment of democratic rights and the dismantling of the dictatorship.

This night indeed calls for a renewed fervor of the youth to intensify its unity and reaffirm its historical role. It will surely be a night filled with music, lessons, and memoirs of the past.

 FAIRst Quarter Storm: Reaffirm the youth’s historical role in people’s struggles

Feb. 19 -  inFAIRno to budget cut: fire up the fight to greater state subsidy!
The UP Fair Saturday night as the most awaited night and considered highlight of the UP FAIR, never fails to exceed the 10,000 mark in terms of attendees. This year’s Saturday night, “inFAIRno to budget cut! Fire up the fight for greater state subsidy” will bring the country’s best bands hitting the Filipino music channel’s countdown and top-10 charts. It will surely fire up the sunken garden with the best music and best bands.
Even among UP Fair patrons, it has become a common adage that one’s UP Fair experience will never be complete without attending the Saturday night.
Consistent with our week-long theme and our principle that education is a right, this night registers the UP students fight against the commercialization of education and the conscious and systematic state abandonment of education. The fight for greater state subsidy, and the youth’s call for the people’s right to education and other social services, is not confined to UP alone. In fact, such calls have become a global struggle, what with the strikes, protests and mass actions that the international youth movement is continuously staging.
This night ensures a large and diverse crowd: students, young professionals, youth from communities, UP alumni, and attendees from all walks of life because of the very broad advocacy which it forwards, and because of the rightness of its very cause. The Saturday night promises not just an ordinary concert, but a concert at its best.

*UP Fair in the nights of Feb. 17 and 18 will be handled by two other student formations.

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