Monday, January 3, 2011

Yamaha Fiesta 2010

This event was held in SM City Fairview Parking lot. Their guests are amazing, including the rock bands like Bamboo, Urbandub, Soapdish and Rubber Pool. There are full of excitements on that night because one of the very talented comedians was performed the "Bathroom Dance" a parody of Bad Romance. He is Michael V. and I was totally amazed with his dance performance.

I'm a rock music listener. I want to go on the mosh pits area but I had my phone and I had no belt (belt is not allowed inside the barrier area). How do I join the moshing? Haha. But anyway the second night show that I attended was very good. The only thing that I don't like was the blocking of many bouncers on the front barriers. It was annoying so much. My video clips aren't good but it has good audio. If you watch it, don't look too much on the video, just listen LOL.

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