Sunday, January 2, 2011

hairstyle by vickie gilbert

Trendy women’s hairstyle from Hayden

Trendy women’s hairstyle from Hayden


Hayden is quite a young beauty and her hairstyles are striking.


From her sleek ponytail hairstyles and hair buns to her curly and straight looks she wears many trendy hairstyles. Along with her shiny healthy hair Hayden also has beautiful healthy glowing skin that looks amazing with or without makeup.


Hayden’s hot hairstyle


Short hairstyles for 2009 summer – HOT!


Short hairstyles could be adopted for the women of any age. Nowadays even older women prefer to have short hairstyles in order to look young. For those who don’t know; short hairstyles highlight the bone structure and facial beauty.


Everyone wants to be in touch with the latest short hairstyles trends and the latest trend for short hair in 2008 is to give you an elegant and graceful look. These accentuating short hairstyles comprise a range of different hairstyles.


Those women who have straight hair should go for pixie hairstyle. Sedu hairstyle is also very popular this year, mainly because you have a number of different options to choose from.


Sedu hairstyle can be easily made by ironing the hair, by doing this you’ll give a shining look to your hair.

Trendy Rihanna’s hairstyles

Trendy Rihanna’s hairstyles


Rihanna’s hairstyles always look stunning. When Rihanna first cut her hair she quickly became a hairstyle icon with everyone wanting her style.


Her short hairstyles are flawless and go perfectly with her face shape. Rihanna always mixes up her hairstyles with highlights, bangs, and different layers for a fresh new look. Her new pixie hairstyle is quickly growing popular setting even more hair trends along the way.


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