Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cam’Ron & Vado – Hey Muma

Cam’Ron & Vado – Hey Muma Lyrics MP3 and Video

yo, girl: get a notepad (for what?)
you ain’t got no swag!
and you so fine, it’s so sad
still riding coach, need a coach bag
let me coach you, no coach tags (what that mean?)
get rid of that coach bag!
and listen, i ain’t trying to throw jabs
(damn!) why you gettin so mad?!
only one that deal with cam’ is a queen
louis handbags, alexander mcqueen
yeah, stand up i’m mean
for how i handle my team, clean
harlem n-ggas don’t wear sandals with jeans
car skills good, i can handle the beem
nickle, dime, twenties, i can handle the fiends
so…hey muma, que pasa?
i’m water, baby: agua

hey yo, muma!
i’m saying
can i come over? cause
i’m not playing
bend your ass over, uh, i’m not waiting
and if i’m sober, i’m blazing. hey!

hold up, (*spit sound*) let the slime spit
need these first three rows, let my suave sit
icy, make it hard to see the time tick
me and my dine chicks, with glasses of wine, lit
yeh, your money can’t provide this
“hi miss” the answer’s “yes, your highness”
“try this! only i can supply this”
reply this, you’ll always see me in fly ish
if i don’t know you, i hope not to
trying to play a tough role? i’m like “not you”
earl ? cause i’m d rose: i got you
under the sun is where we pose, we hot, duke
it’s what i did to the booth
how i spend in the coupe
while you and members salute
i’mma keep it trill, i’m that n-gga living proof
telling me to chill is like stomping cam with a shoe
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