Saturday, February 26, 2011

Claude Kelly – Time Stood Stil

Claude Kelly – Time Stood Stil Lyrics MP3 and Video

i remember where i was i remember what i had on (woah)
and i still recall what i find when i got the phone call (woah)
i assumed it was you telling me you were running late
like you always are baby
but i could hear through the tone in your voice that something was wrong
thats when you said baby listen close you, you and me are over
dont feel the same anymore, so i gotta know woahh

there was a moment when time stood still
totally frozen everything broken and it kills
and i think that it always will
(?) the moment when time stood still
totally speechless hard to believe that its real
yeah time stood still

i remember part of me saying that i wanna see you (woah)
of the part kinda bitter saying i dont really need you (hoahh)
and the tears didnt come i was numb i was paralyzed
like a deer in headlights
its gunna take a minute, and one day ill be over you
but today will always be
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