Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chris Brown - Real Hip-Hop Sh!t by Chris Brown

Chris Brown - Real Hip-Hop Sh!t by Chris Brown Lyrics MP3 and Video

Look in the summer of 60
A little mother read the so I
sit slow
the type of nigger I am kind
of skitzo
Never out of my element I let the kid go
Shots in the club panic at the
Be out of the made that ’s from frisco
chairs call me mister
Is that your bitch cause she
won ’t let my go My techniques is just sex
Skinny hot model bitches and
my tongue when they like
SB Don’t know a to my soul they are just sexy I play dumb but I when an
SV is ridiculous
Can I get a girl with some ass
and teats
Respect in the world to my
real niggers Cause I, fake niggers make me
wanna kill niggers
cause this game ain ’t shit Is relevant that I am better They are sleeping on me like I
had given them sedatives
Sometimes I wish I had better
friends and better Cause I know when that ends they disappear Where they go?
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