Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Priority for Now

Yeah! A Nikon D90. It's almost old but I think this is perfect for me. I'm always reading reviews, forums and comments about this DSLR. I asked some of amateur photographers and they recommended the D90 among the other. If money is not an issue, I prefer to have this than buying tablets & gaming gadgets. I am thinking for buying this as soon as possible but I don't have sufficient budget. 

I really want to take photos, especially if there's an event and candid situations. I also want to be a photographer for our school department.

This week, our school's Founding Anniversary Celebration. I want to take good photos but my point and shoot is not enough. Two days ago was the College Intramural, I missed the basketball rebounds, volleyball blocking, cheering crowds and many more.

I'm still saving up money for this or maybe later a better model. Aside from Photography, Cinematography is my second passion. Until now, I'm dreaming to have this awesome thing.

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