Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Abdulrahman Al-Shoaibi - The angel of death

Angel of 'Death'? Abdulrahman Al-Shoaibi did not die, by the way.

The Hajer (one of the Saudi Arabian football clubs) player had a seizure because he was hit in the side of the head. He had to be taken to hospital, but he was absolutely fine and didn't spend the night there. In fact, he played the very next game for Hajer.

Neurologists deal mainly with epileptic seizures like these, and not psychiatrists.

Anyone who believes that there is such thing as an 'Angel of Death' has either got issues in their head or is just plain weirdo.

I've seen this clip two years ago. I was actually shocked and a bit bemused when I first saw this. Thanks for linking this though

Source : newmediamedicine.com/

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