Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rebecca Bayliss : Nurse suspended for having sex with patient

Rebecca Bayliss, 29-year old nurse from Birmingham Heartlands Hospital (Birmingham, UK), was suspended for a year after having sex with a patient waiting for a heart and lung transplant. She met the patient when he was receiving treatment for cystic fibrosis in her unit. After he was discharged, they started a 3-month sexual relationship, which continued despite him returning to hospital for the life-saving operation.
She admitted about her relationship with the patient on facebook and joked to colleagues that she would have to turn up his oxygen and give him nebulisers – medication inhaled in mist form – before her trysts with him.
When the transplant patient told a hospital psychologist, she was reprimanded by senior hospital staff and banned from contacting the patient but she continued.
But she continued to pester him to restart their relationship. He later told investigators that the affair had affected his health.

He said: ‘I could have done without the stress. It certainly didn’t help my recovery.’
As a result she was suspended from the hospital for 1 year.
My take on the story -
What if the couple got into a relationship that started after he got discharged but later the patient dumped her and she went in the phase of wanting him back - which he reported?
What do you all think?

Source : mizozo.com

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